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Hi, new to atom and also new to coding. I would like to somehow make the different tags in atom (html) show different colours like on atoms main website, I uploaded a syntax and ui theme but the tags and well, all text just shows normal

any ideas?



The best place to start is by reading the manual:

To get the required colouring, the Atom editor should know which grammar / language you are using. Putting text to a blank page is not going to help the software. But you could help it…

As soon as you save or open a file as a defined file extension, Atom can identify it as a grammar / language.

Many program languages are already included in the core of Atom… however not all. Add-ons called Packages can expand functionality… including but not limited to program languages.

Are these notes already helpful?
Feel free to be specific to the doubts you are facing.


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