Atom support for php autocompletion


I am coding PHP, and i love to use the PHP Autocompletion dropdown.

One thing i have noticed is that when i use function(fun) or class(class) completion it creates the opening curly brace on the next line of the signature (i think it is related to symfony or something)

But i want it to be on the same line as the signature. Is there any way to set this?


It would be helpful to know which package you‘re using to get autocompletions, since there are several available.

The atom-autocomplete-php package follows the PHP Standards Recommendations (PSR) Coding Style Guide, hence it formats the code that way by default. If you don‘t like that, you might have to switch to a different package or fork and adjust it.


I don’t think that it is the atom-autocomplete-php package that does this, because right now i have unenabled it and Atom does the same thing anyway.

Maybe it is the core package ‘autocomplete-plus’ that does this (it is the package that shows the dropdown with php functions)


But i see that the PSR says that it must be like i don’t want it