Atom suddenly selects single quotes with double-click

Atom is suddenly including single quotes in the selection when I double-click a string. It did not do this just an hour ago. I have not installed any new updates or packages, or changed any settings. I fixed it by adding ' to the non-word characters in the PHP syntax highlighting package.

It also recently broke the PHP syntax highlighting with $ symbols not being highlighted, for which I had to apply the workaround mentioned in the linked thread.

This kind of thing seems to happen far too frequently, particularly with syntax highlighting and editor operations. I’m starting to get really frustrated with Atom constantly breaking my workflow suddenly out of nowhere and having to waste time digging through settings to fix. Why does this keep happening?

If you can rule out package updates, what about updating Atom itself? By default, this is enabled.

Screenshot 2021-04-21 at 23.20.58