Atom Still Deleting Lines of Code Disabling Whitespace?


This bug has been driving me nuts. I unchecked “Ensure Single Trailing Newline” in Whitespace settings, but Atom still deletes empty lines of code when I save files. I even disabled the package and this problem is still persisting. I’ve been asking about this bug everywhere to no avail. Help would be huge.


Please don’t post more than one thread per question. This thread is functionally identical to your previous one and you should have posted it as a comment in that thread.


I don’t think I’m asking the same thing here. My other question was about indenting in defining functions. This question pertains to lines being deleted when saving. Watch here: My other question was resolved.


This sounds like something the ‘beatify’ type package would do.

  1. What package gives you Python syntax highlighting?
  2. Which other non-core packages do you have?
  3. Is the symptoms still there if you run atom --safe from the command line?

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  1. I think just linter

  2. platformio, autocomplete-python, busy-signal, file-icons, intentions, linter, minimap, python-autopep8, script

  3. I got this to correct itself in safe mode, so it’s one of those packages definitely.


Missed the reply button, check my response.


Probably python-autopep8


Yep, that was it. Lesson learned, don’t add a bunch of recommended packages, just add the ones you need.


Thanks for the feedback.

Nice catch! Thank you.