Atom Startup Loading Screen


This is only a preference of mine, but I hope there’s a feature/extension that allows a loading screen for Atom, like in IDE’s (Eclipse, Android Studio and etc.)

I know it’s not so necessary due to it’s NEW lightweight startup time (since v.1), but my timecop here states that it still has an average 6 seconds windows load time and 5 seconds shell load time. The package loading and activation took about 1.5 - 1.6 seconds each, and so the purpose for a loading startup screen is for me to see the overall loading progress, moreover because I want to see an assured UI where it really loads the window, shell, workspace, project, packages, themes and etc, AND NOT just an empty window.

Is there any existing package for this?


I’d just like to say that I agree with this wholeheartedly. Applications that take more than a few seconds to load up should, in my opinion, have some sort of startup mini-window thing. Instead of a user thinking, “Gosh, this app loads so slowly, this is annoying,” they’ll think, “Okay, this is a robust platform, it’s performing important startup operations.” It’s also a way of making sure the user knows they did start the app, and they don’t need to click the button again to make sure.


I’d also like to know if Atom is just warming up or hanging on me. I was enticed to restart one too many times.


As long as I can turn them off I’m ok with it. I can’t stand those things, they always get in the way when I don’t want them and sometimes they even can’t go to the background… Besides, Atom takes about a second to show the window on my computer, no need for a loading screen at all.


No, and I would expect it would be hard to make a package for this. Because to show a window that shows packages loading would mean that a package would have to be loaded before packages are loaded. An extension to Atom could be written for this though.


Yep, I see your point. On high end PC’s or laptops, even with all the packages, it would merely take a maximum of 5 seconds. But you see, I got a PC with mediocre specs, and I think it’s not only me with a device like that.

A [third-party] package is an ideal way as you can see because we could just enable/disable it depending on our preferences. I just really hate the fact that whenever I start Atom, there’s a chance that it is either still loading or just not responding already.

The best-case startup time I have experienced so far without all the packages is 5~8 seconds, and worst-case is 30 seconds ~ 1 minute, with all my packages enabled.


I see. Actually I was considering developing a package for Atom, since I was a newbie then, I would like to try to modify Atom on my own accord and preference.

So, is there no such thing as “priority” in package loading? Like setting the first package to be loaded before all the others?

But an extension would also be great, although I think I cannot delve too much into that (the core Atom configuration) due to my limited knowledge.


Only in that packages with activation commands aren’t loaded until one of those commands are used.

I don’t know what the order is. Probably position in directory or something. Also packages are delayed until after everything else is initialized. They are started in a late javascript event. I ran into a problem with this that I have now forgotten.