Atom start only in background


Hi, when clicking on the app executable it dosen’t show .
Only in task manager .
I’m on windows 10 (10.0.17134.345)
I’v removed atom under Appdata/roaming it didn’t change anything.
Thank you, have a good day!


Your screenshot didn’t post correctly. What happens if you rename the .atom/ directory in your user folder?


Atom version 1.31.2


What happens if you force all of those processes to quit, rename the .atom/ directory in your user folder, and restart Atom?


Removing .atom/ worked fine.
Thank you


Sometimes something gets messed up in that folder. If you have anything in there, you can safely copy packages/, dev/, config.cson, styles.less,, snippets.cson, and any storage file used by a package you have installed.


Ok, Thank you :smile: