ATOM staged files for Github issue


I have been using ATOM for a bit. However I totally removed any known .git files for any of my projects and changes still keep showing and growing. It is constantly lagging and freezing my ATOM. I am not sure why or where this .git is if it is even anywhere, its not just showing my files in any projects but instead random things like AppData/Local, etc. The lag coming from his problem is pretty bad, to the point where it freezes about every 10-14 seconds apart and then stops for a short amount of time. I check these files where the Unstaged Changes is showing the path’s but there are no signs of .git files or anything like that.

Here is an example:

I have looked at other posts about how it shows that there might be a .git file in .atom or that file destination but there is none shown for me when I looked, I do have the ability to see hidden/invisible files.


No, the .git folder is in your user directory, as evidenced by the paths. Both AppData/ and Desktop/ are children of the Windows home folder.


Is there a way to fix it?


Delete the .git folder in your home.


Oh, I see I think I got the problem fixed, thanks. :slight_smile:


In addition, Atom versions 1.21.0-beta1 and above have fixed this issue.