Atom sluggishness with 100% cpu


I have run into an issue where on Windows 7 enterprise (two different VMs), if I run Atom, the CPU pegs at 100% and Atom is mostly unusable. I bring this up because my company machine is sluggish and I am working with another client on a separate Windows 7 VM and theirs is sluggish too when I try. In both cases, it’s with the latest Atom and it’s not performing well. I have tried to fire it up in safe-mode but it’s still really slow.

If it does settle down and not use 100% CPU, it immediately spikes to 100% when I type anything.

Any early pointers on where I should begin?

Atom version: 1.24.1 ia32



You could try the beta version of Atom. It’s at v1.25.0 right now. I doubt it will fix the problem, but you never know.


This may be just newness bias from me, but I feel like with an OS as old as Windows 7 (for which mainstream support ended right as the Atom project was getting going, over three years ago now), operating inside a VM, running Atom, which is basically Chrome with a Node.JS engine bolted onto the back, it might just be that the low-level software that the OS provides is too old for what the new application software requires and the performance limitations of the VM compound the issue. Do you run modern Chrome or any other Electron-based applications?


While I see what you are saying, I’m in a corporation doing work on another company’s network. I have zero say in that.

As for the other instance, that is Windows 7 running as a VM on my MAC. When I run it natively on my mac, it works like a champ. I end up having the need to run it in a VM because I need to VPN with my VM into another customer environment and again, using the VM I am provided.

As for Chrome, yes and that runs fine in both environments.


I’ll give that a shot.



If Chrome works fine, then it’s probably something to do with Atom that’s at fault. Atom’s big and does a lot of work behind the scenes and modern OSes running without virtualization can have issues if you open a file that’s too long or leave a single Atom window open for months.