Atom slowing down when not using Git repository


I have read many instances where Atom slows down and some were related to Git. This is what I consistently experience. I am still a learner and often use Atom as the editor to practice exercises. I am also trying to setup projects. For the projects I am using Git and Github to store code. For exercises I am not. This is what consistently happens:

  1. When using the Git repository everything works smoothly.
  2. When not using the Git repository for some reason over 200,000 files are ready to be staged and slowly my flash memory starts being filled up, as much as 35GB. This causes everything, including typing in Atom, to slow down. Once I force quit Atom, it is back to normal again. Even after fresh re-installations and the latest update, this problem persists.

Maybe this helps to shed a light on a seemingly recurring problem.


What operating system are you running?

It is likely that you have a high-level directory that is a Git repo without your knowing about it, most likely your home folder. I believe that if you navigate there, you will find a .git folder (it may be hidden). Delete that folder and your problem will go away.


I have got a macbook air with macOS Sierra v10.12.6 installed.

You are probably right, I have setup git under the public folder!

Will deleting .git also get rid off my setup?

Thanks for your help!


Your configuration settings should be a .gitconfig file in your home folder. The .git folder just contains the information to run a repo.


Alright. I will revisit the installation and study the specifications a bit more. This is important stuff to know and fully understand.

Do you know any backup reading sources on that topic by any chance?

Thank you for your help.



Yes, I do. is the main place and will tell you everything about the program. However, git is complicated and some of its features are not easily grasped in full, so I have also used that manual to figure out the language I needed to use to Google for a more easily digested tutorial.


That’s a good approach. I often do that too. Thank you for your help!



No problem. :slight_smile: