Atom shutting the window after using closing all tabs


In the past atom would keep the window open with an empty tab window. I have looked through the setting to change this but nothing is available. Any suggestions?


There is still an open Issue for closing the window after closing all editors:

So, perhaps this is something that a package is doing? Can you reproduce the behavior after completely exiting Atom and starting it using atom --safe?


yeah not used to this behaviour. And atom changed from this behaviour in the last couple of weeks. maybe because of a package, not really sure (tabs is now included by default, core-package).


tabs has always been included as a default-installed package, at least since the first public beta release in late February 2014 and probably before that as well.

It doesn’t work that way on Atom v1.0.19 on Mac OS X 10.11.1 nor Atom v1.1.0-beta1 on the same OS. Have you tried using Safe Mode? Which OS are you on?


OS X, let me try


All browsers do this with their tabs, which has always annoyed me.


There is a package called the closer that handles window closing behavior. I use it with the option closeWindowTogetherWithLastTab set to false. This keeps the editor window open after the last tab is closed, but closes the window if I press cmd-w again. AFAIK, this behavior didn’t change for me after the v1.1.0 update.