Atom showing me unreadable error messages when running Hydrogen

Hi guys. I’m completely new to Atom (and new to python in general too). I had started learning python and have been using Atom smoothly since this month, until a week ago, when suddenly my Atom/Hydrogen does not work.
It would show me error messages like this (see photo below) when I am trying to run a code with Hydrogen.

I have tried to uninstall both my Python and Atom / Hydrogen package and re-install in different location multiple times. However this error still persists.
My Python works fine in cmd .

Right now my python is installed under:
D:\Python\Python Install
And my Atom is installed under the default location
I am using Python 3.8.7, Windows 7, and latest Atom downloaded directly from

It has been bugging me for the whole week now…If anyone can tell me what is wrong it’d be most appreciated!