Atom shortcut is not showing on desktop


I uninstalled my Atom editor(was running well) from my windows 7. Now after reinstalling the shortcut is not showing on the desktop.

In short, each time when I need to use the editor, I am required to use it by running “set up”

Help is highly appreciated on this matter.

Thanks in advance!


Open the command line and execute the following to get the place where the software is installed.

C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\ has a short format %localappdata%

Knowing the destination of the Atom application, you should be able to construct your own shortcut.

Are you now ‘sorted’?


Actually, I am able to see the setup and each time when I need the editor I get it by running the setup.


To use the Atom editor I am “running” the setup each time when I start the pc


Please make a screen capture and show us.
Which “setup” are you using? Originating from EXE / MSI / ZIP file?


I am using this setup.


See that box that has “always ask when opening this file”…

Edit: NVM, that’s the installer. Have you checked application folders for Atom (or used a search tool). Shortcuts are not the programs themselves, so it could already be somewhere on your computer.


Building on what @Aerijo said…

Please execute the following tasks:

  • Win+r
  • execute the command %localappdata%\atom
  • what happens?


Thanks a lot. Let me try by this way.



Guess what - you now have your answer. :smile:

While holding down the left mouse button, click-drag the executable file to the desktop while holding down the Alt button. Release the left mouse button. A new shortcut will be on your desktop. <done>


Thanks a lot. I think it is done.


Yeah, it is done. Thank you very much for your help.