Atom "shelling out" file opens on startup

So when I install Atom and run it, it has the welcome screens(2), telemetry consent. However there is also a tab open named: ATOM_DISABLE_SHELLING_OUT_FOR_ENVIRONMENT=false.
And I don’t quite trust that. There is also a tab /usr/bin.

I am investigating some problems and didn’t know what to make of this.

Right, I found a similar topic next to mine. So also quite recent. It’s here:

I have the exact same situation, on two different machines running ubuntu 20.20.

It was working fine on both machines until recently when it started doing this.

Do you have the synch-settings package installed by any chance?

It was a different thing for me personally, there was a post in there somewhere where it warned “By the way, we don’t offer a snap store version of Atom so any you find might be distributed by a 3rd party”. And that was spot on, I did install it through the software center and the source wasn’t the right one. So I removed it, installed it again through the official website of Atom and then I didn’t have that message anymore. It did give me one more error though, but after having sent that one to the developers everything sort of behaved again. I’m in the midst of removing malware though so… take care at least, is all I can say.