[atom-shell][Mac] Clipboard implementation


I am node-webkit(0.9.2) user and I get some reports like “Hotkeys for Clipboard interactions doesn’t work on Mac”. Hotkeys like “Cmd-C, Cmd-A and similar doesn’t seems to work”.

I would like to know does atom-shell handle it for me?
I saw that hello-atom or default-app has menu template for Mac, which contains hotkeys(accelerators) for Clipboard interaction, so the question is does it handles it natively?

node-webkit(0.9.2) handles it natively for Windows and Linux, so I don’t have to write any code for it, but when it comes to Mac, there is some troubles.

Do I have to write code to enable clipboard interaction on Mac or it’s atom-shell already does it?

Great job on Atom-shell.

Best Regards