Atom Shell framework


Now we can use Atom Shell to build cross-platform apps.


So this is the Atom equivalent of node-webkit, right? (Obviously with more goodies thrown in.)

I think we all kinda assumed that Atom was using node-webkit (for very obvious reasons) so it’s good to have an idea of what is going on under the hood. Can’t wait to start having a play.

:+1: :heart:


Since this is cross-platform, does it mean that Atom will also be cross-platform soon? :smiley:


It’s looking good, isn’t it?


Build atom by following the instructions on the repo, download atom-shell for the OS you’re running, then run atom in atom-shell.

Keep in mind that it might not have any packages (not even the default one that comes with the releases), maybe not even apm, and you’ll need to add them yourself.


Ooh now the whole of Atom is OSS. Yay!


From the newly updated FAQ:

… a number of areas we would like to improve in the next few months. Our focus will be on improving performance, releasing Atom on Linux and Windows …