Atom-shell accessibility


Does atom-atom shell expose an accessibility tree? I made a simple example based on the hello-world app and tested this with VoiceOver, JAWS, and NVDA but didn’t notice any of the contents of the app being announced.


There is a larger effort currently going on for Atom specifically, to rework the API documentation, although I don’t know whether a proper Acc. tree will be a result of it.

Watch that space. Maybe you can contribute with your idea as well.


@batjko thanks for the info. I wonder if there is some confusion on one side or the other. I’m not necessarily looking of more documentation, although that would be helpful. Rather, I’m hoping that the accessibility tree is exposed to the OS’s Accessibility API.


Ah, sorry my non-developer mind didn’t make that jump.
That definitely looks like a question for @zcbenz.


Accessibility is a big concern for me as well when picking a framework to develop in. atom-shell needs to work in screen readers.


Is their any news about the accessibility tree / ARIA Attributes?
Latest version have support with VoiceOver, JAWS, and NVDA?