Atom set up


I am having issues setting atom up for web development. I have installed packages nothing is working. I am not able to preview any code that I write. I do not have that option under the packages tab. I am also not able to set up an index.html. Should I just uninstall and delete everything?


Which packages, specifically?

I am also not able to set up an index.html.

Please walk us through exactly what you are trying to do.


I am trying to learn html to build websites. The package tab doe not let me preview my code


If you are trying to preview an HTML file with no <body></body> content, then you will see nothing.

You should not place your code files inside the .atom/ folder, for hygiene reasons. .atom/ is where Atom keeps its configuration, and some troubleshooting tactics involve removing that folder in order to allow Atom to build a new one. Please find somewhere else on your computer to store your projects.


I pretty new to this process. Obviously. I don’t know exactly know what I am doing with atom. I was told it was the best choice as far as text editor. I am following a course on scrimba to learn html amounts other things. Is there way to set this up properly for coding. Thanks


This isn’t Atom-specific advice: keep your software, your configuration files, and your personal documents in different places on your computer. It doesn’t really matter where, but for Windows using a second partition for personal documents is optimal. That way, if your first drive gets hit badly by malware or corruption, you can rescue your personal files or just reinstall your OS without touching them. And it makes it so much easier to move your existing data to a new computer.

Is there way to set this up properly for coding.

Please describe in more detail what you mean by “this”. Atom? Your computer? What does “coding” mean to you? If you just want to write HTML documents, you don’t need to set up anything. If you want to display those documents, or perform more advanced operations, then you will want other packages, some of which you have probably already installed based on your comments. Which packages do you already have?


I would like to learn more than html. I’m trying to build a website. The only reason I’m using html now is due to the course I’m taking. The packages I am using are atom-beautify, and emmit,


The others ones I think came with the atom download. So I make new folders on my computer and save my code files in them?


Check out browser-plus. It will let you preview your HTML (in addition to browsing the Internet) and all you have to do is press a certain keybinding to open it up.

So I make new folders on my computer and save my code files in them?

Yes. Windows includes a folder called My Documents that’s designed for that purpose, or the Desktop would be another good place to put a personal folder if it isn’t already too cluttered. If your computer has multiple lettered drives, it would also be a good system to store your personal files on a drive that does not contain your operating system (usually D:\).


I will try this and keep in touch. Thank you for all the help


So I was able to create my html website but now I am having trouble adding color to the website. I saved to my website folder. I am working from a Mac computer. I also created a css file to add color but I don’t think I saved it properly to work. Any suggestions?


Not unless you tell me all the relevant information, like where the two files are on your hard drive related to one another and the contents of both files.


both files are located on my desktop. I tried to add color to my website and opened a new page in atom under css. I think I saved to my computer incorrectly and when I try to test it nothing changes![image|374x500](upload://x2ZFg8w29Dd4D7c66bLTMiJ9v


You seem to have deleted part of the image tag you posted.



so this is the css page where I should be able to upload color to my website. But whenever I refresh nothing chnages


FYI: command-shift-4 does a region selection screenshot, command-shift-3 captures the entire screen.


good to know thank you


Because you haven’t told the browser where to find the CSS file correctly. Look at your HTML file. It’s easy to see because Atom highlights your code for you. What you’re telling the browser is to look for a file called style.css type=text/css. There needs to be a quote character behind .css and another one in front of text so that the browser receives the correct information about what to look for.


This is the results

I think I did it wrong