Atom seach

Hello, good evening, thank you so much for the previous response, it was very helpful. I have another question if you can help me, someone could help me if atom has any plugins or built in and how it is executed or enabled. Search words with classes etc (atom have some search engine or plugun for that) ???

It might help if you elaborated a bit more on your goal. Atom comes with a find-and-replace package built in, which you can bring up with ctrl-f. If that doesn’t do everything you need, it would help us for you to describe what you want in relation to what the package provides.

Install atom recently since previously occupied another code editor I changed to atom because I like its interface and its rapids if I ask the questions is because I am interested in discovering more atom since it is very comfortable. the topic of the search engine I mean to be able to change, replace classes to find classes or id and not be looking in the lines of code, also to replace classes and not be replacing one by one search class html, css enter other languages ​​that I occupy most they are html, css, php, Js. etc

I don’t think there’s anything that does what you want better than find-and-replace. Atom is a code editor, so it doesn’t do much for people who don’t want to look at code.

I think that ripgrep might help for class searching if you create some custom ripgrep commands in process-palette.

Note that multi patterns can be searched if you dig around.
This uses pipe “|” in the command.