Atom-Script - Script Options (solved)

I am using the Script package and it does it job fine.
The thing is though that I don´t know where to change the standard option flag used for different languages. In particular I am talking about using Latex. It works fine as well but I would still like to make changes to the command used.

I looked already at a lot of different things and I guess that it´s not directly Script setting those options but I couldn´t figure out where or what Script accesses to use that specified command. (I looked through the needed latex-language package already as well)
(Using windows btw)

Thanks in advance!

Although Script works for you I would also experiment with process-palette since it allows very flexible configuration of commands with variables and args.

And if you are publishing LaTeX, explore also markdown-preview-enhanced since you can use yaml front matter for options.

Take a look at the Script: Run Options. It let’s you specify custom flags and save them as a profile, so you can re-use them quickly.

I looked into :Run Options shortly before already but it takes a bit longer to manually select the desired profile, than the short-key for the general Build.

Either way I am curious what ‘profile’ gets automatically selected (for whatever language), I mean there should be a way to change that in some file…?


The “problem” was just Latex related and I was looking at it the wrong way basically.
Script requires and uses latexmk which doesn´t get any arguments passed but relies on default options if nothing is passed… (For config: the latexmk man page helps).