Atom Script error: no module named arcade


hi there! I am using atom on Mac os and just installed arcade. i used pip3 install arcade and it worked. however in atom it does not recognize this for some reason. any help is welcome! Im a beginner :slight_smile:


Edit: It works in the 3.7.1 idle, just not atom


I don’t use Mac, but I believe it comes with Python 2 by default. If you’re using pip3 instead of pip, then you know that the default python command points at Python 2 and what you need to do is configure script to use python3 instead of python.


Thanks! But not sure how I tell script to run python 3. Any tips? Thanks a lot


That link in my last post was the tip. If you go to that page and read all of the instructions, you will arrive at the keybinding for the command Script: Run Options. Hit those keys and observe the dialog that appears.