Atom --safe disable all installed packages


I installed the newest atom 1.14.1.
When I start atom using
atom --safe
I can edit but my installed packages all gone. I cannot install any package either inside the atom. However, I can edit files inside the atom.

When I star atom using comman:
atom (without --safe)
All the installed packages come back again, and I can also install the new packages inside atom, but I cannot do any edit any file inside atom.

Anyone cantell what’s going on here? Thanks.


It seems that one of the installed packages is preventing you from editing files. You should try going through the list and disabling each of them and seeing if that fixes it.


Hi, safe mode is intended as a debugging tool and it will not load your installed community packages. For more informations about safe mode you can check out the safe mode section in the Atom Flight Manual.


It is possible to have a mechanism to remove the problematic packages, or have the users to report the issue some where, so people can find the right reason instead of thinking atom is not working properly.

Just my two cents option, it may be some difficulties to do so.


Yeah, people come online and post here or on the Slack and we tell them to use --safe to see if it’s a community package.