Atom running slow on big files/folders


Hi! i’m a big fan of Atom, but actually i found it a bit slow.
i’m opening a folder with a lot (1200+ ) of files, and each file has a bunch of lines (3000+).
now, when i’m trying to work with some file, it slows down and keep me warning with “Atom is running slow”

what can i do to speed up?! it’ a known issue?


The behavior you’re describing sounds very much like this issue:

Curious if you see any difference in safe mode though (atom --safe)?


In my experience, the number of local git repositories in the directory seems to have a more dramatic effect on the load times than the number of files, so that would be my first guess.
Though, if this isn’t the issue, I’d suggest using Atoms Timecop or Package-Cop packages to determine if there’s a problematic package that is slowing down your loading times.