Atom Roadmap to 1.0


We wanted to let everyone know what we’re working on and where our focus is. We have two milestones out in front of us: the API Freeze, and 1.0.

API Freeze

The goal of the API freeze is to get our documented public APIs in a condition we’re willing to support going forward until the next major release. It allows us to improve APIs based on usage patterns we’ve seen, flesh out APIs that have grown organically, and generally clean up so we’re on a solid foundation.

Tracking issue:
Related open issues:

Atom 1.0

When the API freeze is finished, we should be able to run hard at the 1.0. This will include implementing many super commonly requested things.

Tracking issue:
Related open issues:

Tracking what we’re up to

We are going to put large units of work through a little label state machine.

When we’re getting ready to start working on something, we’ll add the on-deck label. Check them out:

When we’re actually working on an issue, they will move to the in-progress label:

When it’s on its way out the door, we’ll move it to the shipping label:

We have a dashboard available at that displays the issues related to these labels.

Additionally, you can follow us nathansobo, kevinsawicki, thedaniel and benogle on github to watch our activity.

Hopefully these things will give you folks an idea of where we are and where we’re headed.

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We’ve added a roadmap to the site as well:

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