Atom Removed Available CSS Classes


Did atom remove available CSS classes in their latest release?

For example this class used to be available:

syntax--variable.syntax--language.syntax--java.syntax--this {
    color: #f74949

Now none of that is there?

Is there anyway to get that back or is there anyway to get more granular control of the available css in the IDE? Because now I can’t text highlight like I used to or want to.


To revert to the old version, toggle Settings -> Core -> Use Tree Sitter Parsers.

There was a change in the latest update to enable these by default (they were disabled by default previously), but they have differences from the original TextMate grammars.

The new grammars are intended to be used enabled now, but it’s still early so disabling them will not have any major downsides for now.

What these grammars do is generate a syntax tree, and a bunch of rules convert tree nodes into CSS scopes. It should be possible for the user to define these rules too. I don’t know if direct user control has been implemented yet though.


Yes you are correct, I have used the plug-in: Magic Python. This returns most of the lost syntax highlighting and provides even few new ones as well.