Atom remote project folder with source control


I have set up a nuclide server on my aws instance and from Atom I can connect to a remote folder on the server. Atom automatically pushes all my local edits to the server. If you have a local project folder, Atom automatically highlights the uncommitted changes in the folder tree pane. My remote folder is under source control (Git) on the server, but I cannot see the uncommitted changes. How can one use the Atom source control feature with remote folders?


What package are you using to connect to the remote server?


I use nuclide 0.303.0 with standard built in add remote folder using ssh with private key. Atom version 1.27.0


The panel created by nuclide is under the control of that package. I don’t use it, so I don’t know enough to tell you that the package doesn’t have an option for viewing the git status of files, but the best place to ask for getting that feature added would be the GitHub repo for the package.


Ok, thanks will do. What package do you use for remote folders and source control?


I don’t. All of the files I use git with are on one machine.


You should install reserve server.


Why should I do that? What is “reserve server”? Please provide some supporting points and a link to the page of the thing you’re talking about.