Atom (randomly) resets settings?


I suspect updates but I’m not sure that’s the case, every couple of days or on some days every couple of hours my Atom installation seams to reset.

  • The Welcome page shows and the “Show Welcome Guide when opening Atom” checkbox is unchecked
  • The Welcome guide shows
  • The Telemetry Consent page shows again
  • My theme preferences (Seti and Monokai Seti) are reset
  • The default tab length is reset to two spaces

Each time this happens I have to reselect the theme and reset the tab length.

This doesn’t only apply to the current project but to every project I open after resetting these settings.


Do you see anything happening to the .atom/config.cson file? While you figure out what’s going on, you should take a copy of that file and put it on your desktop or something, then you can copy the file back instead of manually changing each setting.