Atom & python : trouble


Hello, when i print for output : print(2 * 2) and trigger “run” - it’s ok (e.g output = 4).
but when i write the code:

i = 0
while i <2:
name = ‘kotroj’
password = input('enter password: ')
if password != name:
print(‘wrong, try again’)
if password == name:
print(‘come in’)

there is no output at all: nothing happend.
By the way, in pycharm this code outputs easily.
Any ideas?
All required packages are installed.


Atom doesn’t run code. But I guess you’re using the script package, which doesn’t support user input AFAIK.


Which (or what) script package with AFAIK support should I install?


AFAIK: As far as I know

For the package, you could use a terminal emulator such as platformio-ide-terminal.

You could also try Hydrogen, which I downloaded just now and can confirm it takes user input.