Atom + Python code with user input


I’m new to Atom, and I’m trying to set up a development environment for Python. Everything was going smoothly until I tried to get user input from the command line, which is apparently not supported by the Python packages I currently have installed. Does anyone know how I can get Atom to run Python with user input?

Also, are there any other features of Python that are not supported by Atom that I should be aware of? If the editor cannot perform certain aspects of Python, it feels as though the language is only partially supported.




Usually it’s a limitation of the terminal emulator that is included in such packages.
You can try running your python program in a separate real terminal on the side of atom.

I think atom officially support only the “text-editor” part of an development environment.
There are some user supplied package that aim for a more complete support.

not supported by the Python packages

I have not verified the state of the eco-system, but I feel there’s more than one package from which you can choose, maybe if you precise what you are using, someone can suggest an alternative.



I’m using this package
If anyone knows a better one please share!

I’ve tried running it in a terminal emulator that came with a package as well as the default terminal for mac. Same error on both.



language-python just implements highlighting. It doesn’t do anything else. You’re not going to not use it, but you need others besides it if you want more features.

What error?



Sorry I’m a first time user as well. Trying to set up a personal assistant kind of thing and need to test user input. What compiler or software should i download to use for that kind of work then?
BTW I will keep using atom for the typing bc of how it looks but to test user interface what do you suggest?



A terminal package such as termination will do just fine.