Atom Project*s) feature ... (gripe)

After trying to figure out what the Atom idea is behind the Project(s) feature … I kinda give up on that.

So far any of the available documentation I could find did not help in demystifying this particular feature.

The only thing that eventually came to mind to get a better handle on it. Is that the name “project(s)” is more a misplaced label for something that seems better named/described with “Atom Startup preset(s)”.


Does that help?
This topic might carry more weight if context were added.


Does that help?

Don’t now yet … don’t like to think about Atom’s Projects-Folders at
the moment.

This topic might carry more weight if context were added.

Experience has thought me not to put in to much time and effort in
additional context. At least not unless I have some weighty facts or
logic to add to it. … Which is why I tagged this as Gripe versus

Thank you. Your experience now taught me an important lesson .
Ignore posts that is vague and less-than-comprehensible.

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Go to packages > search and search for “project” packages such as project-viewer and project-viewer-plus

Intended for users who have to juggle with multiple projects and languages (virtualhosts, python, PHP, GO … …).

But in Ubuntu I now prefer to manage projects outside Atom using a toolchain.

(*previous reply got a bit mangled … ergo: …)

(d_i) [other project packages]

Currently using the “Project-Manager” package, but will give those
other two a try.

(d_i) (linked topic) UserActions in Krusader and this now allows Krusader to act as a front-end to Atom to manage what is loaded into tree-view

Really like the sound of that one, definitely going to explored that option.


I ditched project-manager package after early experiments with it.