Atom preview opens up in php storm


I am using XAMPP local server and am attempting to test my files locally.

I have been writing in PHP code.

PHP storm works perfectly, but when I use Atom to output the test files it opens up in PHP storm’s editor. I have installed the following packages:

-Linter PHP
-PHP Debug

  • Open in Browser (To see content)

Atom is configured to use XAMPP’s PHP processor.

Has anyone had this issue?



Atom has no ability to do this, so you must be using a package. Which package is outputting the test files?


So what is the best way to output the PHP files into an html browser?

In PHP storm there is an icon up the top right and you can view the output in a browser


I need to know what package you’re already using before I can help you.

Do you want a server? In order for a browser to view .php files, you need a server with PHP installed. Back when I worked with PHP, I always just used XAMPP.


Thanks dude - Yes I have XAMPP installed - but I want a quick keyboard shortcut to open the file in a browser.

XAMPP will run the output of the PHP file - but this is creating several more steps to do before I can view it .


Have you taken a look at the php-server package?