Atom > Preferences > Packages: filter by user-installed packages


I would like to view only the packages that I have installed as a user, not all the default packages that come with Atom. Would be nice to have a toggle/checkmark right above the “Filter Packages” input field that filters the packages.

I encountered this when I was trying to find the packages I had personally installed so I could send the list to some other developers.

Even when viewing Atom > Preferences > Packages in the main area, it doesn’t actually list the installed packages. I expected that functionality by default and was surprised when I couldn’t find it.

Loving Atom (former Sublime 3 user) and hope to see more awesome improvements as it continues!


You can use the enhanced-package-list package to put a GitHub icon next to the official Atom packages in the list, which should help differentiate.


You can also use apm list in a terminal.


I’ve tried out the enhanced-package-list package and it identifies core packages vs installed ones on the left sidebar. However, it’s not a great solution IMO.

I think what many people expect is when you go to Atom > Preferences > Packages (via the left sidebar), it should display a list of installed packages right there instead of just telling me “All of your installed packages are up to date!”

I should see a list of user-installed packages there and users should be able to update/disable/delete their packages.

The reason I wouldn’t include core packages in this section, is that 99.9% of your users will always want the core packages and if they accidentally delete one of those bad things usually happen.

I’m not familiar at all with node.js or writing Atom packages (I have a Rails developer background), but it’s definitely on my todo list. If the core Atom team isn’t planning on adding this functionality, I’ll probably make my first package an updated settings page. Might be a bit for me to do as my first package, but gotta learn somehow!

I really like the fact that I can update the editor to my personal tastes and it’s already gained me a good 5-10% productivity boost over previous editors.



Thanks for that! It’s actually the best way at the moment to find a quick list of my packages. As I mentioned in my 2nd post, though, I would love to see this integrated into the editor’s settings > packages page. I’ll see if that’s something I can feasibly do, but apm list is definitely my go-to choice at the moment.


Maybe there’s a PR to propose to the enhanced-package-list to allow that.

The way it decorates the items in the list a simple list.find('.bundled-package').hide() will hide all the core packages, on the contrary, list.find('[type=package]:not(.bundled-package').hide() will hide all except the core package.

Another way could be to propose a PR on the settings-view package to add data attributes for packages in the list as done before for the files ui in many places, that way the enhanced-package-list package could just provide CSS for the styles, and the feature you’re requesting could be implemented with something in the like of what I talk above.


I do actually disable quite a few core packages that I don’t need to improve startup times. I don’t think hiding core packages by default is a good idea especially as the package list is needed to get at their settings pages. Also adding a separate package list just of user packages to the main settings page seems like ugly duplication to me. Perhaps the best solution is a <select> or something above the package list with “all packages” “core packages” “user packages” as options, that would filter the list? Remembered across sessions of course. This wouldn’t be too hard to add to enhanced-package-list so if you’d find that useful I might work on it this weekend.


Agreed, it can also takes the form of two checkboxes, one for core packages the other for user packages.


How about this?


Did it today instead. Latest version of enhanced-package-list now has this feature:


Just installed the updated version. That’s great! Exactly what I was hoping for.

Someday I hope the core Atom team re-designs the Preferences page a little. The behavior you added to the packages on the left sidebar is the behavior I expected in the main window area when I select “Packages”, but all I can do there is find/install new packages.

Thanks for the update to the package, it works like a charm.


@postcasio I love this package. This is exactly what I wanted.
This should be in the core package!