Atom Portable


Hi guys,

I am new to Atom and I love the style, so I would like to make this IDE my primary development center.

That said, I have downloaded this Atom version: because I have been told that it is the portable version.

I would like to confirm with you guys if this version and in this case this particularly link corresponds to the portable version of the Atom.

If it is the portable version of the Atom, I would like to know if in case I want to install any package this package will be stored in the Atom portable folder or it will be installed somewhere in the computer?

Since I have tried to install some packages without success (an error like timout or so happens; I should say that I am working behind a proxy) how can I install manually some packages?



Atom always stores config files and packages in the current user’s directory, so it is not what you would call “portable”…


Thanks for the reply. This means that that link is not the Atom’s Portable Version? So there is no Atom Portable version?


The link is a precompiled version of Atom which can be used whenever you don’t want additions to your registry.


I see. What would you suggest? To use an installed version of Atom or this kind of “version”?



Well, it all depends on your necessities: I would go for the installer because it automatically adds atom’s commands into the PATH and inserts the “open in atom” entry into windows explorer contextual menu.


Okay. I will go with the installer version.

Thank you for the help.


I forgot to ask you. What about the packages?

How can I install them manually? For example, I have download from GitHub the “atom-beautify-master” package and I have copied the folder to atom\packages, because there, it is a file saying that all the packages that one put there can be used in Atom. But I get a red window saying that there is some errors.

What I am doing wrong?


Packages don’t just “go there”: they are installed in Atom, either via the UI (choose Preferences, which opens the settings pane, then Install), or using the apm tool from the command line, as shown in the docs, here.



Well, that depends on what the errors are and whether you downloaded directly from a git clone or from a tagged version of the package. Also if you are downloading manually because you are behind a proxy you should search here on discuss, as it is a widely discussed topic.


The best advice is to not install them manually. You should use the apm utility if you prefer the command line or use the UI in the Settings View to install packages. Installing packages is a multi-step process and if you miss one of the steps or get them wrong then things won’t work.


It is? I either copy the package and do apm install in the directory or I say apm install package-name from any directory. And of course you can do it inside the editor on the settings page. All three seem like “one-step” to me.


To install manually with command line already open:

  1. git clone to the appropriate subdirectory in ~/.atom/packages
  2. Change to the directory where you just cloned the package
  3. Execute apm install

To install using apm with command line already open:

  1. Type apm install package-name

So yes, I stand by my assertion that people just shouldn’t install them manually. It’s ice-skating uphill.


This is maybe a bit more portable than just the ZIP :

I also have tweaked many aspects for personal use, and so can you :smile:



In case you’re interested in the portable version, here is where you can download it from.


Trying this version out now, so far so good.

Anyone else have feedback on this one?


They are both using the same launcher.

But the one isn’t as comprehensive or up to date

I keep my own updated from the scripts at, it is easy to use with Git on a USB stick, is nicely configured and works well.


I looked on the github link above and it says to download the z7 archive … but no z7 archive in that project. Can anyone point me to what I’m obviously too overtired or undercaffeinated to find? Pretty please.


Which OS are you running?
If it happens to be Windows or Mac, then the ZIP file will do.
You can use this link:

Please do make sure you get the right one.
If you have a 64-bit Windows, use the one with 64 in the name.

Consult this reference:


Thank you for responding. I have it on my desktop and my laptop. I’m looking for the version I can put on a USB stick to run where I’m not allowed to install it (work). Unless I’m mistaken, all those offered at that link are for the normal install, no?