Atom portable version



I downloaded “” But it’s not a portable version :-/

Some information is stored here

Can I run an atom in a portable version?


The Flight Manual covers this.


I tested this solution before I wrote topic and did not work

The “.atom” folder can not be created (Only can be moved)
But it still does not work…


Hi there.

Please see the notes I made in:
Steps to create a clean BETA install

I have no clue if this will prevent C:\Users\Test\AppData\Roaming\Atom from being created. If I find a clean PC I might check. If you try it out before I do, please let me know.

To me, the point you are making is an important one… even if this is not used on my system right now.
Hope to hear from you.
- Dan


The .atom file is created but does not work



The suggestion I made does not work… bu not for exactly for the reason you saw. Let me respond to that first.

.atom is a folder, not a file. The command md is for make directory.
The placement of the .atom folder is important. It is one directory level higher than you have it now. The storage for the packages is not a problem.

So let us say you have atom.exe so that e:\programs\atom\atom.exe then the .atom directory should be e:\programs\.atom. See my suggestion and focus on the picture of the directories.
- - yeah I know it is crazy.

What I have done for testing a moment or two ago:

  1. Install stable version of Atom on local C:\
  2. Install beta version of Atom on local C:\
  3. Install beta version of Atom on external disk E:\

Each time the .atom directory was created in the prescribed way. Each time I could have packages that is localized to the storage I chose it to be.

Where all this failed is that each time I executed atom.exe, the folder C:\Users\Dan\AppData\Roaming\Atom was created. To me that is not a portable solution - I will leave a trace on someone else’s computer each time I use my portable disk.

So… you are right; there is an issue. Will you log a request to change it in the Github project?

What are your thoughts?
- Dan


My English is not very good sorry.

I know this is a folder and not a file, here I wrote it wrong…
I’m traveling on the train :smiley:

Your solution works thx, (".atom" directory level higher)

But some information is stored here:
I do not know what everything is stored in this folder :-/

I like the atom because it’s open source :heart_eyes:

I think the best solution would be if somebody has set the port on


I am not a native speaker either. I know the feeling.

Thank you for the feedback.
Having Atom on portableapps would be nice. Nice for introducing the software to more people too. I would however consider Notepad++ when needing a more portable solution.

Making conversation - why do you use portable applications? Have you considered rather making a virtual environment (example: virtualbox) and have that on a small disk (USB3+) instead?



I have my own distribution of Linux Mint + persistent mode to USB3…

I only use Windows for applications that do not have an alternative on Linux.
As a text editor I used PSPad but the atom is the future :smiley:

I have a lot of portable applications on my flash drive and I want ATOM for windows to be among them…
Someone has already made the atom portable version using

Unfortunately it is not updated to new versions :-/


No need for you to run Atom on Windows. You can install on Linux instead.

take the chance… come in contact with Gareth and ask nicely to consider at least V1.18 for such portable version. Or ask him for instructions. I am sure Gareth will not mind your question if you do so respectfully.

Welcome to return with help request or feedback!


The .atom folder can be created, but if you’re on Windows you have to do it via the command line with mkdir .atom. The new .atom folder has to be in the directory above where the executable is.


Thank you. That part got sorted out:

The part that is still a problem:

@DamnedScholar - Any idea if this behaviour can be avoided / hacked?

Have a good weekend.


Without knowing precisely what caused it or what information is in there, no.


@emkei-cz: Hello again. I have figured it out what I have missed. :blush:
The answer was what was said before:

In particular what is written here.

Okay… the steps then:

  1. Create a directory where the installation will live.

  2. Create a sub directory in this called .atom.
    (remember you need to use the command prompt and cmd.exe and the command md).

  3. Inside the .atom directory have another directory called electronUserData.

  4. Unzip the application in the directory.

  5. Run atom.exe which will populate .atom and electronUserData.

└───AtomBeta  .......................... you create this, you decide name
    ├─── .atom  ........................ you create this, name MUST be this
    │     |
    │     └───electronUserData ......... you create this,name MUST be this
    └───Atom ........................... where the unzipped files go to
        └───atom.exe ................... this is the executable file 
                                         that belongs to the zipped files

:stuck_out_tongue: …{I should really start reading documentation more carefully!!}

Possible commands in the command prompt (cmd.exe) might be:

md AtomBeta
md AtomBeta\.atom
md AtomBeta\.atom\electronUserData
md AtomBeta\Atom

Let me know if these notes were helpful to you.

Portable Atom and portable PlatformIO install help needed
Failed on Installtion Windows 8.1
Lua IDE package for Atom
Atom not responding on launch or removal

You can actually create nested directories like this in the Windows command prompt:

md AtomBeta\.atom\electronUserData

Or using PowerShell:

New-Item -type directory AtomBeta\.atom\electronUserData, AtomBeta\Atom


Mr. Jan,

The command for Powershell, I did not know. Thank you.
Because of the aliases in Powershell, I am able to use it as the original
command prompt.

There was method to my madness. Explicitly typing the directories out as I
did, makes it clear which directories are created. But yes, I did not give
the optimum solution - let us just say I was weak in my suggestion.

As the above discussion risks going off-topic too much…

Making Atom a portable solution is possible.

The instructions in the “flight-manual” needs to be followed closely.
This was as noted in a previous post.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Reply by email mess up my answer a little!?


For Windows users, this also works: create the folder in Windows Explorer as .atom. (Windows will automatically remove that final dot).


I wonder why you have to address me that way, you don’t Mr. anybody else. It sounds kind of sarcastic or patronizing.


I have no money and no talent to make a contribution to your causes. These looks on face value to give back to the hacking community. Atom, Visual Studio Code and Sublime of the bigger ones.

Even my attempt at contributing an idea is misunderstood. Being misunderstood is not new to me. Would it be better if I could speak my home language?

Your response now saddens me more. Of all the persons that crossed my path, you deserve to be called “sir”. Mr. Wilson, I hope, would not mind me saying so - though he has been by far the most helpful. No facts; only opinion.

On a few occasions your timing has just been real awful. It is more a case of frustration (“were where you earlier”) that you sensed.

I do not think I am wrong when assuming your contributions here could effect a wide range of people in the Atom community.

This is enough of my monologue - my apologies for that too. I endeavour to avoid your conversation or at least refrain calling you “Mr” and “sir”. Please believe me when I say: “Keep up your good work”.

- Dan Padric


All good, Dan. I didn’t want to sadden you. I wasn’t sure if it’s to blame on the language differences, but it certainly has been a misunderstanding.