Atom portable PHP relative path

I get atom portable and install linter-php.
I configured config to point my easyphp installation path.
executablePath: “C:\EasyPHP-Dev-14.1\binaries\php\php_runningversion\php.exe”

I’d like to put my php_runningversion dir in the atom portable dir .atom but I do not know how to set the path in a relative way. I tried with ~/.atom/php_runningversion/php.exe but without success.
How should I do?
Thank you

You did not actually try setting a relative path. ~ translates into an absolute path, and it’s also a Unix symbol that’s meaningless on Windows.

You should try ../.atom/php_runningversion/php.exe. The .. symbol says “look at the folder above me”, and the default cwd of Atom (and thus packages that run processes through Node, although an individual package can easily override it) is the folder that the actual application is in. I’ve never tried that, but I would expect it to work.

I tried …/.atom/php_runningversion/php.exe or …/…/.atom/php_runningversion/php.exe but with no success.
What is the right path to point to .atom dir from config file?

I suggest that you have too many leading dots … should be ../.atom not .../.atom
(and I’m a Ubuntu user)

p.s. perhaps try a Windows env var … for HOME

It’s a side effect of the forum software. When people don’t escape their code, .. turns into … (which is actually one character: ). Since Atom is installed in portable mode, it’s not necessarily going to be under the user folder.

Which config file are you talking about?

Is this Atom installation living on a flash drive?

Atom is “installed” in a flash drive in atom dir.
This is my structure.

Config file is config.cson in ./atom dir.
My php binary dir is in ./atom/php_runningversion/php.exe

In my config file i’d like to point to php.exe.

What is the right path to set in the config file to point to php.exe?


Okay, open the developer tools (ctrl-shift-i), go to the Console tab, and enter the following (make sure you have a PHP file open first, otherwise the package won’t have loaded fully):


If it’s not working, you should see a red error message like below. Please post a screenshot of the error message, since the exact contents are important. This will help me see how Atom is interpreting the ...