Atom php dollar sign highlight fails

Hello. for some reason my atom is bugged with php highlightning on the $ for variables. It has always been working but today when i open up atom it is not highlighting the dollar sign.
Here is an image that describes the issue

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The PHP grammar applies separate scopes to the $ and the wordy part of the variable – so in a technical sense this is “correct” behaviour. How these definitions are displayed is controlled entirely by the syntax theme you’re using.

Did you change your preferred syntax theme recently or did an updated version of that theme introduce the change?

I have not changed anything at all with the themes. I am using the default theme in atom. so i have never installed any theme.

I checked inspect element in atom and noticed that the color for class syntax–punctuation is overwriting color for class syntax–variable… How can i fix this?

nvm. Problem solved. I was able to set !important on the class in stylesheet like this
.syntax–variable {
color:#e06c75 !important;

Where did you find this stylesheet ? I got same problem

Go to “File” menu at the top of atom, there you will find stylesheet

I have the same issue, everything was fine yesterday and now the dollar sign is greyed out. Did an update change this?

Hi, follow the steps i’ll give you.
Then problem will be fixed.

Code: .syntax--variable { color: #e06c75!important;} -

Thank you for sharing, this resolved the issue for me on a new installation of Atom.

On macOS you can find the ‘Stylesheet…’ option by selecting ‘Atom’ (to the immediate left of ‘File’). :blush: