Atom Php connection

HI I am really new for the Atom and I really need Help and support of how to get started with php
really appreciated any Help

Without information about what your current experience is with PHP, there’s not much I can do to help you.

I am Almost mastered the Php queries and connection what I want is how set up php connection using Atom

Atom is a text editor. It is not a server. You are still going to require a server to run your code. This package appears to provide one.

I have xamp web server what package we need to create php connection and queries

If you have a server, you don’t need any additional package.

I don’t know what you want. You aren’t being specific. Either you need to use more words to describe what you want, or show an example.

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could u tell me how to start php with Atom in steps…please

You start your XAMPP server. As long as Apache is running, it can process PHP.

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PHP Integrator is a must for PHP development in Atom.

It provides autocomplete, linting, autocomplete, etc.

I would recommend installing all of the plugins.

PHP Integrator analyzes PHP projects and exposes a service that other packages can use to provide additional functionality, such as autocompletion, code navigation and tooltips. In itself it does not provide any user-visible functionality. This is instead covered by various other packages which ‘plug in’ to the service:

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After running apache server i am not able to run a php program in atom

You have to use a package to run code from Atom. First, you need to make sure that the server package you’ve installed gives you access to its PHP capabilities from the command line. If you bring me documentation of how to do that, I can show you how to tell Atom where to send your script.

I am not able to run a php program in atom even after starting apache server in xampp.Can u tell which package should be installed in atom .

Can u tell which package should be used in atom.

How do you run a PHP script from the command line? Tell me that and I’ll tell you how to make Atom do it.

Alternatively, you can try the php-server package.

how to set php path in Atom

I also use php-server to test my php files.

Highlight the file … say index.php … in Project panel.

Run down this context menu to click on either …

PHP Server here
PHP Server route file

The first opens browser at http://localhost:8000/index.php.

All information in php-server documentation.