Atom Php connection


HI I am really new for the Atom and I really need Help and support of how to get started with php
really appreciated any Help


Without information about what your current experience is with PHP, there’s not much I can do to help you.


I am Almost mastered the Php queries and connection what I want is how set up php connection using Atom


Atom is a text editor. It is not a server. You are still going to require a server to run your code. This package appears to provide one.


I have xamp web server what package we need to create php connection and queries


If you have a server, you don’t need any additional package.

I don’t know what you want. You aren’t being specific. Either you need to use more words to describe what you want, or show an example.


could u tell me how to start php with Atom in steps…please


You start your XAMPP server. As long as Apache is running, it can process PHP.


PHP Integrator is a must for PHP development in Atom.

It provides autocomplete, linting, autocomplete, etc.

I would recommend installing all of the plugins.

PHP Integrator analyzes PHP projects and exposes a service that other packages can use to provide additional functionality, such as autocompletion, code navigation and tooltips. In itself it does not provide any user-visible functionality. This is instead covered by various other packages which ‘plug in’ to the service: