Atom PDFs Won't Show Up

I was working on a problem set today and midway through it I inputted a wrong command in Latex and tried to compile. The usual compile warnings appeared so I fixed it and recompiled. No warnings but my PDF wasn’t updating. Strange but not out of the ordinary. I restarted Atom and tried to recompile again and I was met with this screen: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Nothing shows up on all the PDFs I try to open now except this blank screen. Any ideas why? I tried restarting multiple times, reinstalling pdf-view and latex packages, etc… but nothing. Any tips appreciated

I have the same problem, although in my case I can’t pin down anything I did that could have triggered it (it started a few days ago). I use the latex package together with pdf-view. Whenever I compile, it opens a pan for the PDF (as it should), but I get the same screen as @chrisv42. The same happens if I simply open a PDF.

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