Atom pane not full width


I’m experiencing an annoying issue where the screen isn’t full width. Included is a screenshot to illustrate. For some reason, the atom-pane element has a flex-growth property of .8xxx. But I can’t figure out where it’s coming from. Right now I’m just manually removing the property, but that of course isn’t optimal.


Does this bug show up when you run atom in safe mode?


Does starting atom with atom --clear-window-state fix the problem? Relevant issue perhaps


I tried what @Ben3eeE suggested because I didn’t know how to restart in safe mode:p It worked:) Thanks for the suggestion!


You close all windows and type atom --safe.


Thanks, I’ll keep it in mind in the future in case of funky stuff.


Safe Mode won’t fix this particular problem.


I just had the same problem and starting atom withatom --clear-window-state fixed it for me.


This problem is caused by the command pane:decrease-size (ctrl + alt + -), you can use the command pane:increase-size (ctrl + alt + =). Finally, I think there is a bug when you decrease the size of the pane to less than 0 then the only option is to use atom --clear-window-state


Wow, It’s worked! Thanks :slight_smile:


This solution is way better than this one: atom --clear-window-state. Because clear-window-state screw up other custom things that I had set up in my atom.