Atom-pair tutorial?


Can some one please explain how to make this package work by a clear step-by-step since the one on github didn’t work with me?


Where in the documentation are you running into trouble?


This is the package/plugin for atom :-

Followed all the steps and it doesn’t work, as soon as i enter the session or the other pc enters the session, nothing happens… no errors … nothing at all as if no command were givin after pasting the session id and pressing enter.

Can you do a more detailed guide/video please?

Atom version : 1.19.5 x64

Getting the plugin : file>Setting>packages > search for atompair > installed

I did follow all the steps mentioned by atom pair and still not working

Directly after i paste the session id in the join existing pairing session tab… Nothing happens latterly (no popups/no errors/nocrash/just null)

Thats ofc after setting up 2 pusher accounts for the 2 different pc’s and made sure of the app setting enabling events, And copied new key and secret.


I have never used this package, so I cannot provide any insight. I see that you have opened an issue on the GitHub repo, and that’s the most appropriate place to search for help.