Atom painfully slow when two windows open


I generally work over two screens with Atom instances open in both with different directories. One of the projects is quite large, but the other is a single person’s work. When I have both instances open I find that everything starts getting very slow on my Ubuntu machine. Is this an experience other people have and is there anything I can do to mitigate the problem as it is very painful for productiviity


How long does it take until the slowdown is noticeable? Does the slowdown occur when no large files are open? Does it occur when you start Atom in safe mode (atom --safe from the terminal)? Does either project have an abnormally large number of files tracked by the github package (this number is on the right-hand side of the status bar)? It might also help to have an approximation for the memory and CPU consumption by the two Atoms during slowdown, as well as the capabilities of your machine.

A large footprint is a general problem for all Electron applications, and Atom is not particularly good at handling it. Several of its features rely on it being a little nosy about what the files are that you’re working with, and it performs a lot of operations on the side in order to give the user a great experience. Particularly large files, particularly large projects, packages that do too much, and being open for long periods of time can all cause performance issues in different circumstances.