Atom packages won't install

When I was trying to use atom and try to install a package, and I typed something in the search bar, I would get this, “i.filter is not a function [object Object]”. I did recently reset atom by using terminal which made atom fresh with no packages and themes were reset. I’m not sure how to fix this, can someone help me? Thanks.

Same problem, I try to search in the app and in the site, and have the same problem

I guess the server of is down

Oh, i just deleted every file in the directory just now and im going to reinstall atom to see if anything happens. Lets hope.

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I think this is not a good ideia, but as you already did…

keep me posting, yes?


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Okay, so atom did work and open up. However, I think after deleting all the files in the directory, im left with 6 files. Also, i can’t find the package file in the directory .atom. And also the problem I mentioned above is still happening.

Edit: Never mind, files are coming back after using atom a bit.

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