Atom Packages that depend on modules that contain C/C++ code will fail to install


I am Shivam and I have encountered an issue in which atom throws this error whenever I install a package I get this error:



Installing “django-atom@0.2.4” failed.Show output…

Compiler tools not found

Packages that depend on modules that contain C/C++ code will fail to install.

Read here for instructions on installing Python and Visual Studio.

Run apm install --check after installing to test compiling a native module

I was advised to install mingw and codeblocks ide so the C/C++ code can be compiled but after even installing them I am getting the same error! Pls help.

Pls help me out as soon as possible!

Have you installed visual studio and python? (Presumably your on windows)?

I have installed anaconda but not visual studio on my Windows 10 laptop.

As the error message says, in order to build c/c++ modules on windows you need to have visual studio tools installed.

So how do I install visual studio build tools? BTW Thanks a lot for replying :grinning:

If you have NodeJS installed, there is a pretty easy way to get Visual Studio.

You can open Powershell (right click powershell and “Run as administrator”) then do this in the Powershell window: npm install --global windows-build-tools@4.

(Details of this installer utility: GitHub - felixrieseberg/windows-build-tools: Install C++ Build Tools for Windows using npm)

If you use Chocolatey, you can do this instead: choco install visualcpp-build-tools --params "'/IncludeRequired'"

(Details of this Chocolatey package: Chocolatey Software | Visual C++ Build Tools 2017 15.0.26228.20170424)

If you don’t have NodeJS, and want to get it, you can get an installer for NodeJS from here: Download | Node.js

I hope this helps.

Either as the above person says or you can download them direct from Microsoft

This link is for the command line tools only - you can also download the whole Visual Studio if you prefer on their site but that’s not needed for what your wanting to do

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I tried installing node but I was getting some weird errors and the npm command was also throwing an error so I installed the whole thing but I am getting the same error! What should I do?

Pls help me!

Pls help as soon as possible!

I am on Ubuntu and may not be able to help. I do not understand why you are referred to VSCode if you are using Atom.

First, run python --version in terminal to see what version is recognised by Atom terminal.

Second, have you considered using HaXe framework to compile your C++ code? I would use process-palette to write some custom commands.


First of all thanks a lot for replying but I have never used HaXe framework to compile C/C++ code because I have never used these languages and I have no idea how we can write custom commands.
Thanks for your reply!

There is always a first time. This explanation states …


Before you can use the C++ target, you need to install:

  • hxcpp - install with haxelib install hxcpp .
  • A C++ compiler, such as g++ , clang++ , or MSVC++.


On Windows, Microsoft Visual Studio is recommended. On Windows, you can also use gcc -based compilers. A minimal distribution is included in a Haxelib library, and can be installed with haxelib install minimingw .

So it seems you are back to needing Microsoft Visual Studio in Windows. I would focus first on getting C++ compiled without need for Atom in first stage. Then with that learning curve behind you, move to compiling in Atom.

I am on Ubuntu.

@Shivam if you are still hoping to set up Visual Studio Build Tools…

May I ask what version of Windows you are on? (Windows 10? Windows 8? Windows Vista?)

Modern NodeJS will only work on Windows 7 or newer, by the way.

And if you can post any of the error messages you have seen, that may be helpful.

Sorry for the late response! I am on windows 10 and I want to thank each one of you to help me. The packages somehow got installed with the help of the tools. Thanks a lot to each one of you!

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