Atom packages in a highly controlled environment


I work in a very tightly controlled environment. While I can get temporary access to GitHub, I’m not going to get that access for everyone on my team. I see that for things like NPM, Maven dependencies, Ruby Gems, Docker containers, P2 repositories, etc. Nexus offers, what looks to be a pretty nice solution where we can point everyone to Nexus for retrieval of approved resources that are housed in nexus (I know it can also proxy out to the “real” sites).

I have 2 questions:

1 - Since, from what I understand, APM is a wrapper around NPM, will the NPM support in Nexus take care of APM as well?

2 - I’m trying to establish a consistent atom configuration for on-boarding developers. Since everything in Atom is stored in user directories, I’m curious if there’s a recommended way to have a consistent Atom setup for developers with minimum effort (especially not “go add the following packages to your Atom install”)


You may be interested in that thread about proxy settings

As well as this one about metrics collection you may want to disable


This seems like a duplicate of your previous topic:

But to answer your questions:

  1. I don’t know anything about Nexus, but if it is designed to only proxy npm modules then no, it won’t handle Atom packages because Atom packages aren’t stored in npm.
  2. You could always give people a zip file and tell them where to extract it. It could house the configuration files from the ~/.atom directory and the packages from ~/.atom/packages that you choose as the “standard configuration”.


It’s a bit hacky… but what about Dropbox with a symlink folder, Mega, or even BitTorrentSync?