Atom Packages Disappear


Every time I open Atom, the packages list does not show all of my community packages, however, closing out of any open file tabs (including the settings tab) and reopening the settings tab will eventually bring back all my packages, but as soon as I exit Atom and reopen the application, they are missing again. Any suggestions, I’m definitely confused by this one. Thank you.


Suggestion: Make a little video and show the guys what happens.

I use ShareX to make animated GIFs on my Win10 machine.


Will try to get an animated GIF up shortly, I’m currently removing and deleting older packages I no longer use in order to make troubleshooting easier.


Here’s a quick video:

I open atom, navigate to the settings tab and then to the packages section and this is what I see. If you notice, I have the 3 little dots (I think this means they are loading) where the number of packages should show up, but they never do. If I exit out of the settings and open them back up and maneuver back to the packages, they all come up.

This happens each and every time I close and open Atom, and its the same ones that are showing / hidden the first time I look at the packages section. Strange.

I’m wondering if it has to due with my config.cson file at all and maybe a corruption there.


Strange, after removing all unused packages (ones that were still up-to-date and compatible with Atom), the issue seems to have gone away. I will respond back in a few days to confirm this, as I’m skeptical that it is actually gone.