Atom package stars should reflect github stars


As the title says I believe that the star system on should reflect/sync the star system on

so if someone stars the packages on it should also get a star on and the other way around

Any1 agree or disagree?


At first, I felt as you do. But now I’m not so sure. For example, I have my Package Sync package. Right now it uses a packages.cson to track which packages you want installed on all of your machines. If my starred packages could be exposed via a web service, I could use that list as the ones to sync. (And perhaps even the feature could be merged into Core.) Sure, I could check the list of starred GitHub projects and check to see which ones are Atom packages and etc … but I think it is useful to have a separate list of favorites.

Perhaps an option to star the GitHub project when you star the package? With some sort of visual indicator of having starred none, one or both?

On a side note, your image is broken for me …


Two different sets of ideas. Star the repo on git hub means I am interested in the code side. Star on means I am interested in what it does but not the guts.

One doesn’t always mean the other.


Agree 100%. They are different things, and should remain that way.


This reminds me of the original idea I was thinking about a hypothetical package manager called shine. Use the star mechanism to manage something (not sure what you’d call it; like Debian 'alternatives"); the concept of “what it means to install a package with a generic or ambiguous name or version.” Myself, I was considering an implementation like git subcommands where star-foo would be the community’s present understanding of what foo is. Obviously, there will always be disagreements so there could be multiple/minority “constellation patterns”; but I was thinking something along the lines of (by default): shine the “brightest” — a repository/package/“formula” with the most stars would define which foo would be used. (Don’t mean to go off topic. Still getting a grasp on how this whole thing works.)