Atom Package-Dev Tips


Hi all,

I have recently began creating atom package.

After reading Atom Flight Manual and created some simple packages, here I would like to ask your tips/know-how when developing Atom Packages.

I know this is broad and a little bit ambiguous question, but hope it would help future atom contributors ( like me ).


What level of experience are you coming with?
I think the usefulness of the tips people can give you here will depend on your pre-existing knowledge of development and web technologies, specifically on the stack used by Atom.

On a very general level, I’d definitely recommend digging through core code and existing packages that do what you find interesting and might need for your own packages, but… I’m sure you’re already doing that anyway.


Yeah you are right!
I should have written what I am doing now and what kind of
info I need.

In simple, what I would like to ask is knowledge/experiences/your attempts beyond this atom manual’s debugging chapter, and what kind of cultures/customs do atom developers have.

What I have done so far

  • For being unfamiliar with Atom API and its structure, I forked atom repository and mostly am having look at /src/ files
  • joined slack and see what kind of keywords and trends they are communicating

What I do not know

  • Not so much experience in TDD
  • And there is no one around me who developing atom/electron/node.js