Atom Package Badges


Hey, I made an apm package badge generator and would like to hear some thoughts on it.

Here is an example:

apm install package-generator


I like the idea.
I think I’d just like it to be a little… prettier, you know sort of flashier?


I was just thinking “monochromatic” … then I read your post @batjko.

I also think the apm install part is unnecessary.


Haha, yea well, I suppose it depends on where it is to be used, what kind of UX it is supposed to be embedded in.
If it’s a badge for use within the Atom editor, monochromatic won’t cut it.
If it’s one for the listings or some promotional website, maybe, but even then I’d probably prefer it to be more… proud. I suppose.


The badges are intended to be embedded in package README’s.


The colors are based on themes from the editor, on my main project page I have samples for three other themes.