Atom or Google problem issue


Hello everyone,
When trying to see the HTML code in Chrome it doesn’t change to a website view (see screenshot) it shows the code as in Atom.

I have uninstalled and re installed Atom but nothing changed.

Thanks for your help in advance



It’s not related to Atom, but give your file the extension .html


Hi Aerijo,
I have tried your suggestion, now nothing is shown in Chrome.

I have also changed the name, tried on Safari but without success. If you have any other suggestion I would like to try it.


make sure you rename the actual file called ‘HTML’ to ‘HTML.html’


If the html file is as you showed before, that’s because there is no content to show.


Hi Aerijo,
Thank you very much for your help. Problem sorted. It had content but it was in the wrong area. I can see it now!!