Atom opens the wrong folder


Recently, when opening one specific folder in atom it has decided to open a different folder.

Example: I open /myprojects/project_1/ with atom and /myprojects/project_2/ opens in the editor

However, if I open a sub-folder of project_1, it opens correctly.

Thoughts? I’ve tried re-installing atom and disabling packages with no luck.


Have you followed the steps in the Debugging document?

Can you supply the following:

  • Which version of Atom are you using?
  • What OS and version are you running?
  • Can you reproduce the issue when running with atom --safe?


Do you perhaps use a package like project switcher (only one I know that does this but could be others) and have opened project 1 and switched to project 2? That would be because of that then since it doesn’t really switch project, it just change the path for project 1 to be /myprojects/project_2/ . So if this is the case, you can either switch back to project_1, or delete the files inside of .atom/storage where the path is saved.


@danielbrodin that did the trick!

I had tried disabling all packages but I still had the issue, clearing the storage folder worked though.

Thanks a million!


@leedohm thanks for the tips, i will follow that if I run into any more issues