Atom opens new files in new WINDOW instead of tab


For some reason whenever I open a file from explorer, Atom always gives me a new window instead of a new tab in the existing window like it used to be until about yesterday. I’m on Windows 10 and the latest version of Atom. Does anyone have an idea about this? Thanks in advance.

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I have the same problem there, it’s was working great yesterday…
I’m on Windows 10 too.
I have lost like 1 hour of work trying to uninstall/install, remove cache/appdata folders…

Anyone has a solution here please?



A new version was released yesterday, so that seems like a likely cause. Until we figure out what changed, a solution would be to manually downgrade (all you have to do is download the .zip file for 1.35.1 and open that executable).



Yeah, I messed with the application opening logic a while ago and seem to have poked a hornets’ nest of bugs :upside_down_face: Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

Interestingly, I can’t seem to reproduce this on my Windows box.

Are the files that you’re clicking from Explorer within or outside of any root directories currently open in the tree view?



Files which i’m trying to open from explorer are within (same) root directory.



Additionally atom shows nothing in the tree view about the directory which is currently opened in atom.



You might be able to manually add that directory as a project folder (right-click in the tree view) and see if the files open in the same window after that.

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Files in the tree view would open as a new tab in the existing window, while those elsewhere would launch a new window.

Downgrading to 1.35.1 fixed the issue for me.



Ohhh I see. Thanks for the extra detail :bowing_man: This is a consequence of

Before 1.36.0, Atom used to implicitly open the owning directory if you opened it on a file path. Unfortunately, this meant that if you opened, say, a dotfile in your home directory, your entire home directory would be scanned and indexed by the fuzzy finder and so on. This was a big drag on startup performance and made Atom a lot less useful for doing quick edits of files in big directories.

We’ve changed it now so that, if you open a file, we only open the file, which is much faster. But now Atom can’t figure out which window it should use to open another file because the first window has no root directories (which is what it uses to determine where to open a given path).

I’m not actually certain what the best way to handle this would be. Should we provide a quick way to add an editor’s path’s parent directory as a root path? Should we collect any paths that don’t belong to another open window in a window with no project roots?



That’s the behavior we expect, yeah. Atom launched on a single file has an empty tree view, so the next file you click on doesn’t “match” it. Adding the directory as a tree-view root should cause Atom to recognize that the next Explorer click should open in that window.

Is that not the case on 1.36.0?



Adding the directory did make Atom open in the existing window.
I noticed this when I edited files from a server using Cyberduck with every double click on a file turning into a new window which I had to then drag all the tabs into one window. With 1.36.0, after adding the temp folder that holds all the local copies, Atom opens new files in tabs.
Now it makes sense. I think “a quick way to add an editor’s path’s parent directory as a root path” would a good idea.

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I did the same thing which done by @carrefinho while I work on the server files using winScp. So “Setting an editor’s path’s parent directory as a root path” is the best idea.

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I like this answer. It would allow for users who do a lot of remote or one-off editing to have one Atom window that catches all of the individual files they open and separate windows for their dedicated projects.

The quick way to add a project folder seems like it would also be a good feature and wouldn’t compete with the one I prefer. A context menu item on an editor tab that says “Add this this file’s dir as a project folder” would be easy to implement and would be useful in cases beyond the ones described in this thread.

@carrefinho, @thilcheguevara: A good band-aid solution (so that you can continue working as you’re used to without waiting for the permanent fix) would be to open an Atom window with the temporary folder that your respective filesharing applications use as the project folder.

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There’s also some discussion around similar scenarios happening on this issue:

I was thinking of adding an “empty state” to the tree-view with a button that triggered an “add project root” flow, defaulting to the parent directory of an open editor (or the nearest comment ancestor of multiple open editors, maybe).



Same issue on osx 10.14.4 with filezilla.

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Same issue with Win 10
Behavior created when launching editor from both explorer and WinSCP



Yes; natural UX would be for files opened to be all funneled to the first non-rooted open window.

Frankly would be nice to have an Settings checkbox for “Always open in new tab”

Especially useful for using the teletype features



I am also experiencing this problem on macOS 10.14.4 with Atom 1.36.0 and 1.37.0-beta0, Atom is opening a new window for every file opened directly from a directory or FTP site via Transmit.



Hi! same problem here on macOS 10.14.4 with Atom 1.36.0 with Yummy FTP Pro
I need to open the files from my ftp client in the same window as the other files!
Please, re-add this feature!



Same here…if I open files from ftp, every file will open in a new window.
Very frustrating because of long loading times to open atom every single time.
Please fix. I have version 1.36.0